Durban High School, South Africa

Durban High School is one of the oldest schools in Durban and was founded around 1866. Today, the school houses more than 1200 scholars in 70 classrooms. The school already installed an IP network and wanted to implement an IP Intercom System for internal communication.

Also required was an upgrade of the school hall audio system, utilizing ProSound technology.

Samcom Business Solutions recommended the TOA N-8000 IP Intercom System, as this solution provided not only compatibility with the main IP network but is also easy to program and use. For the school hall, TOA HX-5 variable line arrays were selected as they conformed with the dB and speech intelligibility requirements together with music quality.

In order to install the new intercom system onto the existing IP network, Samcom Business Solutions knew they could depend on the reliable support of TOA and was confident in offering the TOA solution.