Kazungula One Stop Border Post, Botswana

At Kazungula Bridge, a bridge that was built by the governments of Zambia and Botswana above the Zambezi River, the government of Botswana also constructed a “One Stop Border Post (OSBP)” which enables travelers and goods to stop only once when crossing the border between the two countries, as part of border formalities. The complex, consisting of 14 buildings, utilize a centralized Integrated Public Address and Voice Evacuation System for broadcasting PA announcements as well as automatic pre-recorded Voice Evacuation emergency messages.

Our partner Vidac Botswana opted for the installation of a VX-3000 Voice Alarm System, due to the flexibility and scalability of the system which worked perfectly for the local set-up. Each building was designated with its own paging zone which is selected via the microphone station, so that announcements can be made to, and heard from the speakers in selected zones only, or as a group when required. The evacuation messages can also be broadcasted to specific speaker zones, as and when required.

The VX-3000 system proved to be an excellent solution for a centralized system with long distances between remote buildings. TOA’s product features fit the requirements perfectly, and they are also known to be reliable and of high quality. Furthermore, TOA offers strong local support, before (design phase), during installation and also after-sales and technical support, even assisting in training the users of its systems.